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News Bulletin

Please see the updates for your family cemeteries: Mowing continues: Gates of Heaven: Clear- Monday Mow- Tuesday Woodbury Memorial Park: Clear- Monday Mow-Tuesday Hillcrest Memorial Park: Clear- Tuesday Mow- Wednesday Eglington Cemetery: Clear- Wednesday Mow- Thursday Of course inclement weather makes the above schedule subject to change, so please before you place a mum or fall item check the area and if it hasn’t been mowed recently, hold the item until the section is mowed. As always your cemetery is open for any questions or concerns. Don’t forget to pick up an order form for the Christmas Blankets & Flower Bouquets for the Mausoleums. The order forms will be available in the Cemetery office on November 1, 2011. Visit Eglington Cemetery and enjoy the fall foliage and the musical bells as you walk through our lovely cemetery.

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