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Cemetery Rules & Regulations Update

Eglington Cemetery
Rules & Regulations
Amended and updated existing Rules & Regulations Effective 11/1/2012, please view below the most notable update.

#12 Except for the planting and care of flowers by Burial Right Owners described in the last sentence of paragraph 5 on page 7, at their own expense, Burial Right Owners or their family members may maintain their interment space (s). They may also provide for that maintenance by engaging the services of an independent contractor. In each case, prior to starting they must apply for and obtain written consent of the Cemetery and at the same time deliver to the Cemetery a currently effective proof of the ownership of a public liability insurance policy in a minimum amount of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00) naming the Cemetery as an additional insured. Failure to keep such insurance always current and in full force and effect shall result in the automatic cancellation of the Cemetery’s consent. The time and performance of any and all such maintenance work and proper removal of all debris or spoil resulting therefrom shall be subject to the general and, if needed corrective supervision of the Cemetery to insure the due observance of this Regulation as well as the Rules & Regulations for Estate Sections and to avoid any inconvenience to or intrusion upon other interment spaces or the common areas of the Cemetery. For the purposes of this Paragraph – Maintenance is further defined as only mowing, trimming, fertilizing and watering the turf as well as removal of debris.

Please realize while this may be an inconvenience, the Cemetery must protect the lot owners and the cemetery in-perpetuity. The Cemetery management appreciates your cooperation.

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