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Don’t Forget to Place Your Holiday Decoration Order Today

In season, you can order the finest Christmas and Holiday Cemetery Decorations directly from Eglington Cemetery. Ordering decorations for Eglington Cemetery, Gates of Heaven, Hillcrest Memorial Park and Woodbury Memorial Park offers you the convenience and security of knowing your decorations will be delivered and placed at the grave site, mausoleum crypt or niche by our trained ground crew. We accept check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Orders for Christmas and Holiday Decorations start only through December 17th. Decorations will be delivered and placed by cemetery staff at any of our locations.

Ordering decorations from Eglington is convenient and ensures that your remembrance will be placed even if you are far away this year. Should you need to reach us, you may contact our office during business hours at (856) 423-0165 x101.

Order Holiday Decorations

Beautiful Holiday Decorations


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