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Order Your Holiday Decorations From Eglington Today

Order your Holiday decorations direct from Eglington Cemetery!

Eglington Cemetery offers the finest in Holiday decorations for all of Eglington Cemetery; Gates of Heaven; Woodbury Memorial Park and Hillcrest Memorial Park. Orders are being taken now. Visit our shop below for complete descriptions. Holiday decorations can only be ordered until Dec. 15th.
Place your order for holiday decorations
You may also call us during office hours at (856) 423-0165 x101 to order right away.

Christmas Grave Blanket

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Eglington Christmas Decorations Available for Order

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Winter Snow Stick Installation

Attention all lot owners: Please be advised every year in November we spend hours installing the snow sticks/poles next to the survey plates in every section of every cemetery. The snow poles give us the ability to locate graves and layout footings for monument installations and interments during the winter season. The last couple of years people have pulled the snow sticks/ poles and tossed them on the ground. This decimates hours of work, and if it snows there is no way to place them back in the ground in their proper location. The only time we need them is during the snow season. While we understand some people may find them unsightly they are a necessary part of our job. Please refrain from removing the snow poles as this creates confusion and can delay our daily operations. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Eglington Cemetary

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