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Easter Decoration Removal

Eglington flowers

We will begin clearing Easter cemetery decorations at our cemeteries. We typically clear all holiday decorations two weeks after each holiday as the cemeteries need to be mowed every week. Please take this into account when placing decorations and do not place Mother’s day decorations out early. Remember to collect wanted items. We will begin in the flush memorial sections. This also begins the mowing season. Please pull any rocks placed into the 18″ area in front of your Monument and remove all Farmers Hooks.

Please check with the cemetery office, we are holding craft Items from Easter, shepherd’s hooks, solar lights, crosses and any item that could be injurious to the monuments, visitors or workers. We will hold these items for 30 days to allow the Lot Owners to retrieve them. Please don’t place the items back out onto the property it is for all our protection and against the rules which, for safety are strictly enforced especially during the mowing season. We thank you for understanding and your cooperation at this time.

Remember Rocks and Farmer’s hooks can be injurious to both the yard crew and the Monuments if hit by a weed whackers or mowers.

Eglington Management

See the Rules & Regulations posted on the website for further information.




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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Eglington Cemetery!

Eglington Special Sunrise Service at the Pavilion of Peace Mausoleum & Gardens inside Eglington Cemetery. Service starts at 6:30 a.m. Easter morning, April 1, 2018.

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