Rules and Regulations

Summary of the Rules and Regulations
Regarding Grave Decorations

This is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions regarding decorations. A specific item’s absence from any of the lists below in no way indicates its acceptability or unacceptability.

Acceptable Items Monument Sections:

  • Silk or fresh flowers and plants.
  • American Flags Only— Military flags permitted on Veterans Day Only.
  • Eternal Lights and/or Medium size  Solar lights ( at owners risk).
  • MOM and DAD ornament signs will be allowed during appropriate holidays: (Mothers Day and Fathers Day) if they are made of silk— No Plastic.
  • Statues only if integral part of the monument. In private estates 2 Statues are permitted but must be on a granite base.

Acceptable Items in Memorial Sections (Flat Bronze):

  • Silk or fresh flowers in retractable vase. Silk flowers will be removed prior to mowing and placed in a corner of the section until next mowing. Items still in corner at next mowing will be discarded.
  • Plants in pots are permitted during non mowing seasons. MOM and DAD ornaments will be permitted during appropriate holidays if they are made of silk— No Plastic.
  • American Flags will be removed during mowing season. Military Flags are permitted on Veterans Day Only.

During the Christmas Season, Christmas Trees no higher than 36” are permitted Not Planted.

Unacceptable Items:

  • Seasonal Flags, balloons, stuffed animals, pinwheels, lawn ornaments of any kind, landscaping stones of any type, toys, homemade markers, and Plastic Items. Pumpkins, Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations of any type. Manger Scenes, wooden Santa or snowmen.
  • In all areas of the Cemetery: glass, china, metal, baskets or any like containers as well as shells, boxes, toys and similar articles and borders of any type including brick or stone are prohibited and will be removed by the Cemetery

Grave Decorations Placed For: Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day will be removed one week after the Holiday.
Christmas Decorations are removed beginning February 1st.

Mowing Schedule:

Gates of Heaven: Clear on Monday; Mow on Tuesday

Woodbury Memorial: Clear on Monday; Mow on Tuesday

Hillcrest Memorial : Clear on Monday; Mow on Wednesday

Eglington Cemetery: Clear on Monday; Mow on Thursday

(Subject to change due to inclement weather or drought.)

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